60 Andrassy Boulevard

A recent business visit to Budapest offered many things from this culturally enlightened city. Too much for the limited free time I had during the visit.

One of my local hosts had emailed me some “things to do” – pubs, restaurants, museums etc. Most of the items were a 3 word title in a bulleted list, some with a handful of words.

Except one. It had two sentences comprising 53 words. I said to my host, “this is meant to be different?”


I had never heard of this place so there was no preparation. All I had was some historical knowledge, a place to visit and a desire to write.

Some knowledge of a troubled past. A place to visit on Andrassy Boulevard. To write about the House of Terror.

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Part 6: Orsolya

Monday came, I was back at work. Eleven hours solid with a couple of coffee breaks, then back to the hotel. But my concentration during the day was constantly interrupted by that ‘why?’ question. Still unanswered. So when I got to the bar at The Boscolo I was not surprised to see an empty table with an opened bottle of Zsolt’s wine. Nor was I surprised to see three glasses, not two. Any element of surprise was long gone. Or so I thought, hoped even.

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