Part 11: Janos’s Request

 As Joseph wiped away his tears Janos reappeared. I also wiped my own tears away. Janos said, “You asked me if Joseph was my father. Yes, my stepfather. My father was executed in the House 1957. I was two years old.

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Part 10: Joseph’s Story


“I was born 1951, five years before the uprising. I was entering an age of unheralded brutality. By then the Kulaks, the peasants who had been targeted by the AVH, the then secret police, had gone. We reckon four hundred thousand arrests were made, simply because they were peasants and peasants did not fit the Soviet model.

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Part 6: Orsolya

Monday came, I was back at work. Eleven hours solid with a couple of coffee breaks, then back to the hotel. But my concentration during the day was constantly interrupted by that ‘why?’ question. Still unanswered. So when I got to the bar at The Boscolo I was not surprised to see an empty table with an opened bottle of Zsolt’s wine. Nor was I surprised to see three glasses, not two. Any element of surprise was long gone. Or so I thought, hoped even.

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