Part 9: Joseph

Work the following day saw my testing completed successfully and ahead of schedule. This was a relief as my work concentration was shot to hell. I could not distance myself from my growing belief I now had the answer to my ‘why?’ question. Focus on work was very difficult as a result.

But my work’s success came with an unfortunate twist; my three days would now be two. Day three will now see me travel to Seoul for a similar project. Contractor wages were good; opportunities were rare. I had to say “ok”.

So my two nights with Janos became one and I knew I had to get back to The Boscolo as soon as I could, even foregoing a celebratory meal with my employers and vendors at one of Budapest’s finest restaurants, “Alabárdos Restaurant”

I was now being driven by the ‘why?’ question, anything else would have to wait, sorry.


I got back to The Boscolo around 6pm. My drive complimented my initiative. I had stopped for two bottles of Bock, I wanted to keep that initiative.

When I got there the table was back along with three chairs and three large glasses. No wine, just a corkscrew.

Janos joined me immediately. “Good evening”, whilst taking my first bottle of Bock. “No wine tonight Janos?” I asked. “No need, we knew you’d bring some”. “Really?…….how did you know?” Janos replied, “I could see the other night you were starting to piece things together. It was a logical reaction to rational thinking”. Within seconds he had opened the wine and poured three glasses. He raised his and said “Good health”. I replied with “Egészségedre!” We both laughed.

An elderly gentleman then appeared, Janos stood up immediately, both grabbing each other with a very father/son type embrace. Loving and warming. Janos introduced me, “This is Joseph”. I shook Joseph’s hand and looked at Janos. “Your father?” “Yes…….well sort of! Joseph can explain.”

I interrupted. “Before you go Janos I have two questions I need to ask because I now need to leave tomorrow”. Janos looked at me and replied, “One will do, you’ll soon find out why”.

I looked at Joseph, I said,” There were many, many things to remember from the House of Terror. One of the more memorable was the fact that both the fascists and the communists located themselves in that house. It became the Headquarters for their Executioners”. I paused then looked directly at Joseph and said, “You survived?”

Joseph replied, “Yes”. Nineteen Fifty Six. Our uprising. Our moment. Our freedom. Short Lived”.

I interrupted, “I think I know what’s coming Joseph but answer me this, humour me……….anyone I meet who is of Janos’s or Orsolya’s or Zsolt’s generations well, they don’t appear to hold any resentments. Your generation does, yes?” Joseph replied, “Their generations do not and you are close to understanding why. My generation does, but it doesn’t. It cannot decide in believing on this current prosperity or on what has happened in the past.

“We need your help.”

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